Single Use Plastics

Published on September 2019

SOUTH Australia is set to become a national leader in the war against waste after the Marshall Government announced it will ban a range of single-use plastics.
In what would be an Australian first, the State Government has committed to introducing legislation to Parliament next year which would ban certain products such as plastic straws, cutlery and stirrers.

A stakeholder taskforce has been established to ensure that impact of the ban is mitigated, and the appropriate time considerations are given for transition.
Voluntary retailers are participating in a plastic-free precincts pilot program to assist in identifying opportunities and challenges associated with transitioning away from single-use plastic products and inform the legislation.

Member for King Paula Luethen welcomed the approach and said she is proud to be part of a Government with such a focus on improving the South Australian environment.

“This is a really important step for South Australia to take and the benefits will be widespread across our state,” she said. “A number of residents are concerned about the environmental impact single-use plastics have on our waterways, our marine life and the wider community. “The Government is leading the way and taking action on an important environmental issue.”

A discussion paper released early in 2019 received strong feedback from responders who called for the government to take action on single-use plastics.
Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs said South Australians called for action and the government has listened to those calls. “Nearly 99 per cent of respondents recognised the environmental problems associated with single use plastics and nearly 97 per cent supported government intervention,” he said.

Single Use Plastics

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