Which Bin SA Campaign

Published on September 2019

Did you know that 40 per cent of the material in our household bins which is sent to landfill could be diverted away through our green organics bin? While South Australia is a world leader in terms of our recycling results, there is still significant work which needs to be done to reduce landfill numbers.

In 2003, South Australia set an ambitious target to reduce waste going to landfill by 35 per cent by the year 2020. Currently, our state has reduced landfill by 29 per cent but must do more to continue to see this number reduced to meet the target.

Member for King Paula Luethen said educating people at a household level to ensure that they are using each of their household bins correctly is a grassroots way to combat the issue. “Working together we can ensure that not only our own household, but our neighbours, friends and family are sorting their waste through the correct channels to achieve greater waste management results,” she said.

Earlier this year, the Marshall Government launched the Which Bin SA campaign, which is an online education campaign aimed at promoting sound waste management processes and informing the community how to get the most out of their bins. As outlined in the 2019-20 State Budget, the State Government has also invested $12 million of new funding to boost recycling and resource recovery through investment, infrastructure, education and modernisation of council and industry collection services.

South Australia continues to lead on the recycling front, with figures from 2017-18 showing our recycling efforts equate to the equivalent of planting two million trees to absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide or removing 316,000 cars per year from our roads to avoid the same amount of greenhouse gasses saved by resource recovery and waste management.

For more information on the Which Bin SA campaign or for a handy A-Z waste guide, visit www.whichbin.sa.gov.au or call 1300 137 118.

Which Bin SA Campaign

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